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Plugin Name: Fix Youtube titles
Plugin URI:
Description: Get correct Youtube video titles
Version: 1.0
Author: Ozh
Author URI:
// No direct call
if( !defined( 'YOURLS_ABSPATH' ) ) die();
// Add filters if we're trying to get a page title from Youtube
yourls_add_filter('shunt_get_remote_title', 'ozh_is_youtube_url');
function ozh_is_youtube_url($false, $url) {
// is this a URL ?
if( strpos($url, '') > 0 ) {
// change user agent to "curl". Actually, this is enough to trick Youtube ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
yourls_add_filter('http_user_agent', function(){return 'curl/7.68.0';});
// The <title> tag in Youtube pages is buried down the page : lift limit of bytes retrieved
yourls_add_filter('get_remote_title_max_byte', function(){return '';});
// Extra trick : fake the cookie that Youtube expects (requires YOURLS 1.8.2+)
yourls_add_filter('http_request_headers', 'ozh_youtube_add_consent');
// We don't want to actually interrupt the flow of event so we return false
return $false;
// Add a cookie header to the HTTP request
function ozh_youtube_add_consent($in) {
return $in;
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